Inserting Slurs

You can insert slurs that join notes to indicate legato articulation and phrasing.

Although slurs and ties may look similar, they differ in meaning. Cubase usually adds ties automatically to join notes of the same pitch and to indicate that they are played as a single note. Ties are part of rhythmic notation. However, you can also insert them as graphic symbols.


Quantize Presets is set to the note value that corresponds to the positions of the notes that the slur should span.


If you want the end points of the slurs to snap to exact note positions, open the Event Movement Restrictions pop-up menu on the Score Editor toolbar, and activate Snap Slurs to Notes.


  • Do one of the following:
    • Click the slur on the Symbols tab, click near the first note, and drag to a position near the second note.

    • Hold down Ctrl/Cmd-Shift, and click one note.

    • Select at least two notes, and select Scores > Insert Slur.


A slur is inserted.