Other Section

The Other section allows you to insert lyrics, text, and other symbols into your score.

Damper Pedal

Inserts a damper pedal MIDI event, control change 64.

  • You can insert pedal down/up symbol combinations and display them as Two Symbols, "Ped.” + Bracket or as Bracket only by right-clicking the pedal symbol, and selecting the corresponding option from the context menu.

  • If you have recorded a lot of damper pedal messages but do not want these to show in the score, activate Hide Pedal Markers in the Miscellaneous category of the Score Settings dialog (ProjectNotation Style page).

Repeat previous bar/Repeat previous two bars

If you hold down Ctrl/CmdShift when inserting one of these symbols, notes in the bars are hidden.


You can restrict the vertical movement of repeats by opening the Event Movement Restrictions pop-up menu on the Score Editor toolbar and activating Snap Rests and Repeats Vertically.

Other Symbol

Opens the Select Symbol dialog that allows you to select noteheads, accidentals, and rests as graphical elements rather than inserting note data into the track or affecting MIDI playback.

Box symbol

Inserts a generic box symbol that you can use for different purposes. Double-click the box to open a dialog in which you can set up the display options for the box.

Keyboard symbol

Inserts a piano keyboard symbol that you can use for educational scores. To resize the symbol, drag its handles.