Lines/Trills Section

The Lines/Trills section contains trills, lines, and brackets that you can insert in your score.


These symbols are note-dependent and must be inserted in front of a note.


These symbols work as a local display transpose for notes beneath the dotted line. They shift the display of the score one/two octaves down. To specify exactly which notes are affected, drag the end of the dotted line or right-click the symbol and select Extend (+) or Reduce (-).


These symbols allow you to insert a trill symbol.


These symbols allow you to insert a solid or a dotted line.


These symbols allow you to insert different beam types.


These are graphical tuplet group symbols, as opposed to the real tuplets which are played back. To edit a tuplet group, double-click its number, and enter any number from 2 to 32. To extend it to the next chord or to reduce it, right-click the tuplet group symbol, and select Extend (+) or Reduce (-).

  • In the Score Settings dialog (ProjectNotation Style page), you can specify globally how tuplets are displayed. On the ProjectFont Settings page, you can select a font and size for the tuplet numbers.