Form Symbols Section

The Form Symbols section contains repeat markers and other form symbols that you can insert in your score.

Rehearsal marks

You can insert rehearsal marks as numbers and letters.


To select a font and size for rehearsal marks, use the Score Settings dialog (ProjectFont Settings page). Use the Frame option to add a rectangular or oval frame around the rehearsal mark.

Tempo Indicator

Inserts the current tempo according to the tempo track in beats (quarter notes) per minute.

Tempo change according to note values

Allows you to specify a tempo change as a change from one note value to another.

Da Capo and Dal Segno symbols

These text symbols allow you to insert play directions into the score.

  • To have these symbols affect playback, insert them on the Project layer and use the Arranger mode.

  • To adjust the font, open the Score Settings dialog (ProjectFont Settings page).


Inserts open or closed endings. Drag the handles to resize them. Double-click or right-click the number to enter custom text.