Chord Symbols Section

The Chord Symbols section contains shortcuts to some common chord symbols that you can insert into your score. Chord symbols indicate the vertical harmony of the music at a specific position.

The following symbols are available:

C maj7

Inserts a C maj7 chord symbol.

C maj7/9

Inserts a C maj7/9 chord symbol.

C min

Inserts a C min chord symbol.

C min7

Inserts a C min7 chord symbol.

C min7/9

Inserts a C min7/9 chord symbol.

C min7/#11

Inserts a C min7/#11 chord symbol.

C dim

Inserts a C dim chord symbol.

C sus4

Inserts a C sus4 chord symbol.

C sus4/7

Inserts a C sus4/7 chord symbol.

  • To edit the inserted chord, double-click the chord symbol and change the settings in the Edit Chord Symbol dialog.

  • If Display Transpose is activated in the Score Settings dialog (StaffMain tab), chord symbols change accordingly.