Creating Chord Symbols from a Recording

If you have already recorded the chords for a project, Cubase can analyze them and create chord symbols.


  1. Open the recording in the Score Editor.

    If you want the chords to be inserted on another track, you can create an empty part on that track and open it along with the recording.

  2. Optional: In the Score Settings dialog (ProjectChord Symbols page), make display settings for the chords.

    You can also change these settings after you inserted the chords.

  3. Select the notes for which you want to create chord symbols.
  4. Use the Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys to activate the desired staff.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Select Scores > Make Chord Symbols.

    • Click Make Chord Symbols on the extended toolbar.


The chords are shown. You can move, duplicate, and delete them like any other symbol. You can also double-click on a chord symbol to open the Edit Chord Symbol dialog.