Setting up Drum Maps

To be able to display different noteheads for different pitches in the Score Editor, you must first set up a drum map. A drum map is a list of drum sounds with a number of settings for each sound.


  1. In the Project window, select a MIDI track.
  2. In the Inspector, open the Drum Maps pop-up menu, and select a drum map.
  3. Select the MIDI part, and open the Score Editor.
  4. Select Scores > Settings.
  5. Select the Staff tab, and open the Options tab.
  6. Activate Use Score Drum Map, and click Apply.
  7. In the main menu, select MIDI > Drum Map Setup.
  8. In the Drum Map Setup dialog, set up the sounds/MIDI notes.

    You can set up different drum maps and assign them to different tracks in a project. Different drum maps can have different pitch settings.