Showing Staff Notation as Rhythmic Notation

You can show regular notation as rhythmic notation. Rhythmic notation is a display function and therefore non-destructive. You can switch between regular notation and rhythmic notation.


You have opened your score in Cubase, and you have performed basic editing to make the score as legible as possible.


  1. Select the notes that you want to display as rhythmic notation.
  2. Select Scores > Rhythm Notation > Show Rhythmic Notation.


The selected notation is displayed as rhythmic notation.

  • Noteheads change shape.

  • Pitches are suspended so that all rhythm noteheads are shown at the same vertical position.

  • Notes at the same position, such as chords, are suspended and represented by a single notehead.

  • Ties between rhythm notation and regular notation bars are suspended.

  • Instead of rests, bars that do not contain notes are filled with as many slashes as correspond to the numerator of the time signature.