Entering Notes with the Computer Keyboard

You can enter notes with the computer keyboard.


  1. On the extended toolbar, activate a note value button.
  2. On the Score Editor toolbar, activate the Step/MIDI Input section.
  3. Open the Set up Computer Keyboard Input pop-up menu, and make your settings.
  4. Activate Computer Keyboard Input.

    A note of the specified note value is shown at the cursor position.


    If Show Bars and Beats Positions When Inserting Notes is activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores—Editing page), the bars and beats positions are shown when you click and hold down the mouse button. This allows you to find the correct position.

  5. Adjust the pitch of the note by doing one of the following:
    • Press the key that corresponds to the note on your computer keyboard.

    • Use the Up Arrow/Down Arrow key to transpose the note in semitone steps.

    • Use the Page Up/Page Down key to transpose the note in octave steps.

  6. Adjust the insert position of the note by using the Left Arrow and Right Arrow key.

    The value that is selected in the Quantize Presets pop-up menu is taken into account.

  7. Adjust the length of the note by holding down Shift and using the Left Arrow and Right Arrow key.

    This changes the note value step by step.

  8. Enter chords by pressing Shift-Return and entering the chord notes.


The notes are inserted.