Creating Pick-Up Bars

You can create pick-up bars.


  1. In your score, double-click the time signature of the first bar.
  2. In the Edit Time Signature dialog, enter the length of the pick-up bar.
  3. On the Symbols tab, open the Time Signatures section.
  4. Activate the time signature symbol that you want to use for the project.
  5. Click at the beginning of the second bar to insert the time signature.
  6. Enter some notes in the pick-up bar.
  7. Double-click the time signature for the pick-up bar.
  8. In the Edit Time Signature dialog, activate Pick-up Bar.


The time signature of the pick-up bar changes to the time signature of the second bar, and the time signature in the second bar is hidden.

After Completing This Task

In the pick-up bar, double-click the bar number and enter an offset of -1, adjust the display of bar numbers, and hide the 0.