Barline Properties

The Properties tab for barlines in the right zone of the Score Editor allows you to change the properties of the selected barline.

  • To open the Properties tab for barlines in the right zone, select a barline in the score display.

Barlines Section

The following options affect the selected element:

Single Barline

Inserts a single barline that marks the bar boundaries.

Initial Barline

Inserts an initial barline that marks where the music starts.

Final Barline

Inserts a final barline that marks where the music ends.

Double Barline

Inserts a double barline that denotes significant changes in the music, or the placement of rehearsal marks, key changes, and tempo changes.

Begin Repeat

Inserts a begin repeat barline that marks the beginning of a repeated passage.

End Repeat

Inserts an end repeat barline that marks the end of a repeated passage.

End/Begin Repeat

Inserts a combined start repeat and end repeat barline that is used when a repeated section is immediately followed by another, separate repeated section.

Other barline options

These options are used to insert initial barlines at the end of line breaks, or final barlines at the start of line breaks or to subdivide bars to make complex time signatures easier to read.


Shows the barline with brackets. This is relevant for repeat signs.

Project Settings Section

The options in the Project Settings section in the right zone affect the entire project.

Old Choral Style

Shows barlines in grand staves in choral style so that they never cross the staves.

Break with Brackets

Breaks barlines above and below the bracketed staves to give a clearer indication of which staves belong together.

Break Last Brackets

Determines whether the breaking of bracketed staves also applies to the barline at the end of each row.

Hide First in Parts

Hides the first barline of parts that you open in the Score Editor.