Lay Text

The Lay Text symbol allows you to insert layout text for multiple staves. This is available only on the layout layer.

To hide or show the inserted text for different staves in the layout, deactivate or activate the “L” column for the corresponding tracks on the Layout page of the Score Settings dialog. The text appears in all staves for which you have activated the “L” column. This means that the text is tied to the bar and staff position. If you move the bar or the entire staff, the text moves with it.

To enter layout text, proceed as follows:


  1. In the Project window, select the tracks for which you want to enter text.
  2. Open the Score Editor.
  3. On the Other section of the Symbols Inspector, activate the Lay Text symbol and click at the position in the score where you want to insert the text.
  4. Enter the text that you want to display for the Layout.

    As with regular text, you can copy and paste text from external sources to this symbol.