Moving and duplicating by using the mouse

This is done much as with other objects in Cubase. The following rules apply:

  • Note symbols and note-dependent symbols move with the notes/chords they belong to. In other words, if you move the note/chord, the symbols move with it/them.

  • Note symbols (like accents and lyrics) can only be moved vertically. Other symbols (like braces and brackets) can only be moved horizontally.

  • All other symbols without handles can be moved freely. If you hold down Ctrl/Cmd, movement is restricted to one direction only.

  • If the symbol has one or more handles when it is selected, do not drag it by the handles, or you change its shape instead of moving it.

  • Slurs and ties are an exception, as they can only be moved by first dragging one handle and then the other. However, if you use the Layout tool to move the notes they belong to, or if you change the measure width, they are adjusted automatically.

  • Duplicating is done by moving with Alt pressed, as always in Cubase. Slurs, ties, and barlines cannot be duplicated with this method.

There are two features to help you position symbols (and other score objects) correctly: the rulers and the Position Info window.