Using layouts – an example

The following text outlines the basic steps for extracting a musical part from a full score.


  1. Prepare the entire score, including all formatting.

    This might include inserting project layer block text for the score title, setting the barline type, etc.

  2. Open the Score Settings dialog on the Layout page and enter the desired name in the Name field (for example “Full Score”).
  3. Close the Score Editor.
  4. Open a single track, for example a woodwind part.

    The Project layer settings automatically appear in the new single track layout.

  5. Prepare a layout for the woodwind part.

    You might for example move barlines, add endings, activate multiple rests, etc.

    You can also import all layout symbols from the “Full Score” layout, by opening the Score Settings dialog on the Layout page, selecting the “Full Score” layout in the list to the left, and selecting “Get Form” from the Functions pop-up menu.


    Be careful not to change any of the properties which are not part of the layout. This modifies the “Full Score”, too.

  6. Enter the desired name for the new layout in the Name field on the Layout page of the Score Settings dialog and click “Apply”.