Automatically – the Explode function

The Explode function distributes notes, either onto new tracks or into polyphonic voices:


  1. Open the Scores menu and select “Explode” from the Functions submenu.

    Figure: The Explode dialog, set to create polyphonic voices.

  2. Make sure that “To Polyphonic Voices” is selected at the top of the dialog.
  3. Use the options in the lower half of the dialog to set up the criteria for the split.

    Choose from the following options:



    Split Note

    Use this to move all notes below a certain pitch to another voice.

    Lines To Tracks

    Use this when you want all musical “lines” to be put in one voice each. The notes with the highest pitch goes to the first voice, the notes with the second highest pitch goes to the second, and so on.

    Bass To Lowest Voice

    If this option is activated, the lowest notes always ends up in the lowest voice.

  4. Click OK.

    The notes are distributed to different voices.