Automatic polyphonic voicing – Merge All Staves

If you have already created some tracks which look and play back as they should, and you want to combine these into one track with polyphonic voices, there is a special function on the Scores menu for this:


  1. Open the tracks (up to four) in the Score Editor.
  2. Open the Scores menu and select “Merge All Staves” from the Functions submenu.

    Now a new track is created and shown in the score. The track has polyphonic voices activated, and the four original tracks are assigned to one voice each (voices 1, 2, 5 and 6 are used).

    Figure: Before…

    Figure: …and after merging the staves

    Furthermore, all non-linked symbols that belong to the staff that become the first polyphonic voice in the merged staff are copied. They have the same positions as the original symbols.


    When you later play back the music, you need to mute the four original tracks, or you get double notes.