Duplicating notes

To duplicate notes in the score, proceed as follows:


  1. Set the Quantize value and select the desired notes.

    You can duplicate any block of notes, even on several systems at the same time. The Snap mode applies.

  2. Press Alt and drag the duplicate notes to their new position.
    • If you want to restrict movements to one direction, press Ctrl/Cmd.

      This works just as for moving.

    • If you want to restrict the pitch to inside the current key only, make sure that the “Keep moved Notes within Key” option is activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page).

  3. Release the mouse button to insert the notes.

    Alt is the default modifier key for copying/duplicating. If you like, you can change this in the Preferences dialog (Editing–Tool Modifiers page).

    The entry for this is found in the Drag & Drop category (“Copy”).


    You can also move or copy whole bars by dragging the bar handles.