Adding notes

This is done just as on a single system. Please note the following:

  • When you enter a note, use the Mouse Note Position display (in the status line) to determine the pitch. Whether it ends up on the upper or lower staff has nothing to do with where you aim with the mouse. The Split Point setting always decides if a note goes on the upper or lower staff. If you change the split point, this affects existing notes.

  • Sometimes a fixed split point is not good enough. You might want to put two notes with the same pitch on different staves in different parts of the score. To achieve this you need to use polyphonic voicing.

  • You can add notes to any staff by clicking on it with the Insert Note tool. The active staff rectangle moves to the staff where you input the note.

  • If you need to enter a note with a very high or low pitch, which makes it wind up on the wrong staff when you click, first enter a note with the wrong pitch, and then edit its pitch.