1. On the toolbar, activate the MIDI Input button and the Record Pitch button to the right.

    If you also want to change the note-on and/or note-off velocity of the notes via MIDI, this can be done by also activating the corresponding velocity buttons. To edit notes via MIDI (pitches only), set up the buttons like this.

  2. Select the first note that you want to edit.
  3. Press a key on your MIDI keyboard.

    The note takes on the pitch of the key you pressed. The program then selects the next note.

  4. To change the pitch of the next selected note, simply press the desired key.

    You can change note pitches by simply pressing the relevant keys. You can also use key commands (by default the Left Arrow and Right Arrow key) to pass from one note to the other. For example, if you make a mistake, you can step back to the previous note by pressing the Left Arrow key.