Other functions

In the lower part of the dialog, the following options are available:

Auto Space/Page Mode

The higher the value, the more space is allowed for each element in the score (and thus, the fewer the bars across the page).

Minimum Distance between Staves

When you use an Auto Layout function that moves staves (changes the vertical staff distance), this setting determines the minimum distance between the staves.

Minimum Distance between Grand Staves

This sets the minimum distance between Grand Staves in the same way.

Add to Auto Layout Distance

This number is added to the distance between staves that is added when you use any of the Auto Layout functions. The higher the number, the larger the distance between staves.

‘Spread Page’ Bottom Distance

This is added to the white space that appears on the bottom of a page when using the Spread Page functions.

Max. Number of Bars

This allows you to specify the maximum number of bars per staff when using the “Bars and Staves” or “Optimize All” functions.


The functions “Move Bars” and “Move All Bars” (“Move Bars” + “All Pages”) can also be accessed via the Staff context menu (opened by right-clicking the rectangle to the left of the active staff).