Hide Empty Staves

This hides all empty staves, from the active staff to the end of the score. Note that polyphonic/split staves are in this case treated as one entity if the clef in the upper system differs from that in the lower system. That is, a piano staff is considered “empty” only if there are no notes on either staff.

  • If you have activated the “Hidden” option on the filter bar, hidden staves are indicated by a marker with the text “Hide:Name” (where “Name” is the staff name).

    To display hidden staves, delete their “Hide” markers.

  • If you activate the “Auto Layout: Don’t hide first staff” option in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page), staves in the very first grand staff are not hidden, even if they are empty.

    This is useful for example if you are creating an orchestra score, and want to show the complete “layout” of the orchestra on the first page of the score, without hiding anything.