Preparing Scores

When you prepare a score, we suggest you do things in the following order, since this minimizes the time needed if you make a mistake somewhere and need to redo a step.


  • You have made copies of the recorded tracks. You might have to change them permanently, after which they do not play back as they originally did.

  • You have broken up the score into smaller segments.

  • In the Project window, you have arranged the tracks in the order you want them displayed in the score. You cannot rearrange the order of systems in the Score Editor.


  1. Open the Score Editor and select File > Page Setup to set up the page.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you have recorded music into tracks already, adjust the graphic display of the score as much as possible without permanently editing the notes by using Display Quantize or Grouping.

    • If the tracks are empty, make basic staff settings, enter the notes, and then make detailed adjustments.

  3. If needed, use polyphonic voicing to resolve overlapping notes, create piano systems, handle crossing voices, etc.
  4. Hide unwanted objects and add note-dependent and note-related symbols such as accents, dynamic symbols, crescendo, slurs, lyrics, or graphic rests.
  5. Use the Auto Layout options.
  6. Add layout symbols such as endings or page text.
  7. Print or export the score.
  8. Create alternative layouts to extract voices, for example.