Impulse Response Display

The display section allows you to view the impulse response details and to change the length of the response.

Time Scaling

This wheel lets you adjust the reverb time.


When clicking this button to apply the loaded impulse response, a short click is played. This provides a neutral test sound that makes it easier for you to know how different settings influence the reverb characteristics.

Time Domain

This display shows the waveform of the impulse response.


This display shows the analyzed spectrum of the impulse response. Time is displayed along the horizontal axis, frequency along the vertical axis, and volume is represented by the color.


This display shows additional information, such as the name of the program and the loaded impulse response, the number of channels, the length, and Broadcast Wave File information.

Activate Impulse Trimming

Use this button at the bottom right of the impulse display section to activate impulse trimming. The Trim slider is shown below the Impulse display.


This slider allows you to trim the start and end of the impulse response. Drag the front handle to trim the start of the impulse response, and the end handle to trim the reverb tail.


The impulse response is cut without any fading.