Relocating Content

Once you have imported your own impulse responses to REVerence, you can comfortably work with them on your computer. But what if you need to transfer your content to another computer, for example, because you work sometimes with a PC and sometimes with a notebook, or you need to hand over a project to a colleague in the studio?

The factory content is not a problem because it is also present on the other computer. For these impulse responses, you just need to transfer your REVerence programs and presets to be able to access your setups.

User content is a different matter, though. If you have transferred your audio files to an external drive or a different hard disk location on the other computer, REVerence cannot access the impulse responses any more because the old file paths have become invalid.


  1. Transfer you audio files to a location that you can access from the second computer (for example, an external hard disk).

    If you keep the files in the same folder structure as on the first computer, REVerence automatically finds all files contained in this structure.

  2. Transfer any REVerence presets or programs that you need to the second computer.

    If you are unsure where the presets need to be stored, you can find the paths in the MediaBay (see the Operation Manual).

  3. Open REVerence on the second computer and try to load the preset or program that you want to work with.

    The Locate Impulse Response dialog opens.

  4. Navigate to the folder that contains your impulse responses.
  5. Click Open.


REVerence is now able to access all the impulse responses stored in this location.


The new path to these audio files has not been saved yet. To make the files permanently available without having to use the locate dialog, you need to save your programs or presets under a different name.