TrackVersions Pop-Up Menu

The TrackVersions pop-up menu is available for all track types that support TrackVersions. It contains the most important functions for managing TrackVersions and a TrackVersions list.

To open the TrackVersions pop-up menu for a track, click the arrow to the right of the track name.

The following options are available:

TrackVersion List

Lists all TrackVersions of the track for which you opened the TrackVersions pop-up menu and allows you to activate a TrackVersion.

New Version

Creates a new, empty TrackVersion for the selected tracks.

Duplicate Version

Creates a copy of the active TrackVersion for the selected tracks.

Rename Version

Opens a dialog that allows you to change the TrackVersion name for the selected tracks.

Delete Version

Deletes the active TrackVersion for the selected tracks.

Select Tracks with Same Version ID

Selects all tracks that have a TrackVersion with the same ID.