Convert Hitpoints to MIDI Notes

When exporting hitpoints to MIDI notes, you can specify, how the hitpoints are converted.

The following options are available:

Velocity Mode

Allows you to select a velocity mode:

  • If you want the velocity values of the created MIDI notes to vary according to the peak levels of the corresponding hitpoints, select Dynamic Velocity Value.

  • If you want to assign the same velocity value to all created MIDI notes, select Fixed Velocity Value.


Sets the Fixed Velocity Value.


Sets a note pitch for all created MIDI notes.


Sets a note length for all created MIDI notes.


Allows you to select a destination:

  • To place the MIDI part on the first selected MIDI or instrument track, select First Selected Track.


    Any MIDI parts from previous conversions on this track will be deleted.

  • To create a new MIDI track for the MIDI part, select New MIDI Track.

  • To copy the MIDI part to the clipboard, select Project Clipboard.