Record Enabling Tracks

To be able to record, you must record-enable the tracks on which you want to record.

  • To record-enable a track, activate Record Enable in the track list, in the Inspector, or in the MixConsole.

  • To record-enable all audio tracks simultaneously, set up a key command for Activate Record Enable for all Audio Tracks in the Mixer category of the Key Commands dialog and use it.

  • To record-enable audio or MIDI tracks on selection, activate the Enable Record on Selected Audio Track or the Enable Record on Selected MIDI Track option (File > Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole).


The exact number of audio tracks that you can record simultaneously depends on your computer CPU and hard disk performance. Activate the Warn on Processing Overloads option (File > Preferences > VST) to show a warning message as soon as the CPU overload indicator lights up during recording.