Specifying an Audio Pre-Record Time

You can capture up to 1 minute of any incoming audio that you play in Stop mode or during playback. This is possible because Cubase can capture audio input in buffer memory, even when not recording.


  1. Select File > Preferences > Record > Audio.
  2. Specify a time (up to 60 seconds) in the Audio Pre-Record Seconds field.

    This activates the buffering of audio input, making pre-record possible.

  3. Make sure that an audio track is record-enabled and receives audio from the signal source.
  4. When you have played some audio material that you want to capture (either in Stop mode or during playback), click Record.
  5. Stop the recording after a few seconds.

    This creates an audio event that starts where the cursor position was when you activated recording. If you were in stop mode, and the cursor was at the beginning of the project, you may have to move the event to the right in the next step. If you were playing along to a project, you leave the event where it is.

  6. Select the Object Selection tool and place the cursor on the bottom left edge of the event so that a double arrow appears. Then click and drag to the left.


The event is now extended, and the audio that you played before activating the recording is inserted. This means that if you played along during playback, the captured notes end up exactly where you played them in relation to the project.