Crossfades Section

The Crossfades section becomes available after you have sliced the audio events. The functions in this section allow you to correct the overlaps or the gaps that might appear due to the re-positioning of your audio.

Clicking Crossfade cuts the end of the first event at the start position of the following event (in case of overlaps), and stretches the second event until it starts at the end of the previous event (in case of gaps).

In some cases, you might want to achieve seamless transitions, applying crossfades after closing the gaps. For this purpose, use the following parameters:

Open Crossfade Editor

Opens the Crossfade editor, where you can specify curve kind, length, and other parameters for your crossfades.

Nudge Crossfade Left/Right

Moves the fade area in the audio event to the left or to the right in steps of one millisecond. This is useful if the Offset value in the Slice Rules section was not high enough, and you want to avoid that the crossfade cuts an attack.


Specifies the length of the crossfade area.