Dividing the Track List

You can divide the track list into an upper track list and a lower track list. These track lists can have independent zoom and scroll controls.

Dividing the track list is useful if you are working with a video track and multi-track audio, for example. It allows you to place the video track in the upper track list and to scroll the audio tracks separately in the lower track list, so that they can be arranged with the video.

  • To divide the track list, select Project > Divide Track List.

    You can also click Divide Track List in the top right corner of the Project window below the ruler.

Video, marker, or arranger tracks are automatically moved to the upper track list. All other track types are moved to the lower track list.

  • To move any type of track from the lower track list to the upper and vice versa, right-click it in the track list and select Toggle Track List from the context menu.

  • To resize the upper part of the track list, click and drag the divider between the track list sections.

  • To revert to a single track list, click Divide Track List again.