Cross-Hair Cursor

The cross-hair cursor is displayed when working in the Project window and in the editors, facilitating navigation and editing, especially when arranging large projects.

  • To set up the cross-hair cursor, open the Preferences dialog and select Editing > Tools.

    You can set up the colors for the line and the mask of the cross-hair cursor, and define its width.

The cross-hair cursor works as follows:

  • When the Object Selection tool or one of its subtools is selected, the cross-hair cursor appears when you start moving/copying a part/event, or when using the event trim handles.

    Figure: Cross-hair cursor when moving an event.

  • When the Object Selection tool, the Cut tool, or any other tool that makes use of this function is selected, the cross-hair cursor appears as soon as you move the mouse over the event display.

  • The cross-hair cursor is only available for tools where such a function is of any use. The Mute tool, for example, does not use a cross-hair cursor, as you have to click directly on an event to mute it.


If the Key Editor, Drum Editor or the Audio Part Editor is open in the lower zone of the Project window and Link Project and Lower Zone Cursors is activated, the cross-hair cursor is shown in the editor in the lower zone and in the Project window.