Working with presets

The Presets section in the upper left section of the window allows you to load, save and manage Project Logical Editor presets. A preset contains all settings in the window, which means you can simply load a preset, edit the settings (if necessary) and click Apply.

  • To load a preset, select it from the Presets pop-up menu. If available, an explanatory text appears to the right of the menu. When setting up your own presets, you can click in this area to enter a description.

  • You can also open the Edit menu and select Presets directly from the “Process Project Logical Editor” submenu. This allows you to apply a preset directly, without having to open the Project Logical Editor.

  • You can also select Logical Presets directly from the MIDI menu.

    This allows you to apply a preset to the selected MIDI part, without having to open the Logical Editor.

    It is also possible to select and apply Logical Presets from within the List Editor (from the Show pop-up menu).

  • It is also possible to set up a key command for a preset. That way you can conveniently apply the same operation to several selected events in one go.