Editing - MIDI

Select Controllers in Note Range: Use Extended Note Context

If this option is activated and you move notes together with their controllers, for example, in the Key Editor, the extended note context will be taken into account. This means that controllers between the last selected note and the following note (or the end of the part) will also be moved. If this option is deactivated, only the controllers between the first and the last selected note will be moved.

Legato Overlap

Determines the result of the Legato function on the MIDI menu.

  • If Legato Overlap is set to 0 Ticks, the Legato function extends each selected note so that it reaches the next note exactly.

  • Setting Legato Overlap to a positive value causes the notes to overlap by the specified number of ticks.

  • Setting Legato Overlap to a negative value makes the Legato function leave a slight gap between the notes.

Legato Mode: Between Selected Notes Only

If this option is activated, the length of selected notes will be adjusted so that they reach the next selected note, allowing you to apply Legato only to your bass line, for example.

Split MIDI Events

If you split a MIDI part in the Project window (with the Cut tool or one of the split functions) so that the split position intersects one or several MIDI notes, the result depends on this setting.

  • If Split MIDI Events is activated, the intersected notes are split. This creates new notes at the beginning of the second part.

  • If Split MIDI Events is deactivated, the notes will remain in the first part, but stick out after the end of the part.

Split MIDI Controllers

If you split a MIDI part containing controllers, the result depends on this setting:

  • If Split MIDI Controllers is activated and the part contains a controller with a value other than zero at the split position, a new controller event (of the same type and value) will be inserted at the split position (at the start of the second part).

  • If Split MIDI Controllers is deactivated, no new controller events will be inserted.


If you just split a part and play back the result, it will sound the same regardless of this setting. However, if you split a part and delete the first half or move the second half to a different position in the project, you may want to activate Split MIDI Controllers to make sure all controllers have the correct value at the beginning of the second part.