Group Editing Mode (Cubase Pro only)

The Group Editing mode for folder tracks allows you to edit parts and events in a folder as a group.

If Group Editing is activated and you select an event, a part or a range on a track inside the folder track, other events, parts, or ranges that have the same start and end time and the same playback priority, are also selected and temporarily grouped. This allows you to edit together different drum tracks for bass drum, snare, toms, for example.

Temporarily means that on every new selection with the Object Selection or the Range Selection tool, Cubase looks for corresponding events or parts inside the folder and groups them. If you edit the start or end point of a single event or part before activating the Group Editing mode, the event or part is excluded from the group.

Edit actions in Group Editing mode affect all grouped events, parts, or ranges. If you select another take by using the small To Front arrow at the right side of one event of an edit group, for example, all other tracks inside the edit group also switch to the corresponding take. This is useful for comparing takes of a multi-track recording.


Group Editing overwrites any regular group settings in the edit group.