Using Solo and Mute

You can silence one or several channels using Solo and Mute.

  • To silence a channel, click Mute.

    Click again to deactivate the mute state for the channel.

  • To mute all other channels, click Solo for a channel.

    Click again to deactivate the solo state.

  • To deactivate the mute or solo states for all channels simultaneously, click Deactivate All Mute States or Deactivate All Solo States.

  • To activate exclusive solo mode, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click Solo for the channel.

    The Solo buttons of all other channels are deactivated.

  • To activate solo defeat for a channel, Alt-click Solo.

    You can also click and hold Solo to activate solo defeat. In this mode the channel is not muted when you solo another channel. Alt-click again to deactivate solo defeat.