MIDI Sends

If you use a send effect, the MIDI events are sent both to the output of the MIDI track and to the send effect. This way, you get both the unprocessed MIDI events and the output of the MIDI effect. Note that the effect can send its processed MIDI data to any MIDI output, not necessarily to the one used by the track.

  • To add a MIDI send effect, open the MIDI Sends section of the MIDI track Inspector.

You can add up to four MIDI send effects.


Allows you to bypass all send effects for the track.

Activate Send

Allows you to activate/deactivate the selected effect.


Activate this to send the MIDI signals to the send effects before the MIDI modifiers and insert effects.

Open/Close Send Effect Editor

Allows you to open/close the control panel for the selected effect. Depending on the effect, this may appear in a separate window or below the sends slot in the Inspector.

Select Effect Type

Allows you to select and activate an effect and open its control panel. To remove an effect, select No Effect.

MIDI Send Destination

Allows you to determine to which MIDI output the processed MIDI events are sent.

MIDI Send Channel

Allows you to determine on which MIDI channel the processed MIDI events are sent.


To open a separate control panel for effects that display their controls in the Inspector, press Alt and click Open/Close Send Effect Editor.