MIDI Inserts

MIDI insert effects are inserted in the signal chain of MIDI channels. If you add an insert effect to a MIDI track, the MIDI events on the track are sent to the effect and processed by it. The whole signal passes through the effect.

  • To add a MIDI insert effect, open the MIDI Inserts section of the MIDI track Inspector.

You can add up to four MIDI insert effects. The following parameters are available:


Allows you to bypass all insert effects for the track.

Activate Insert

Allows you to activate/deactivate the selected effect.

Open/Close Insert Effect Editor

Allows you to open/close the control panel for the selected effect. Depending on the effect, this may appear in a separate window or below the insert slot in the Inspector.

Select Effect Type

Allows you to select and activate an effect and open its control panel. To remove an effect, select No Effect.

Record Output to Track

Allows you to record the output of the MIDI insert effect on a MIDI or instrument track.


To open a separate control panel for effects that display their controls in the Inspector, press Alt and click Open/Close Insert Effect Editor.