Setting Velocity Values

When you draw note events in the MIDI editor, the note events get the velocity value that is set in the Insert Velocity field on the toolbar. There are different methods to set the velocity.

  • Use the Edit Velocity tool modifier. The cursor changes into a speaker, and next to the note, a field with the Note Velocity slider shows the value. Move the mouse pointer up or down to change the value.

    Value changes are applied to all selected notes.

    For this, a tool modifier must be assigned for the Edit Velocity action. To see or edit the tool modifier, select File > Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Select Tool.

  • Open the Insert Velocity pop-up menu and select a velocity value.

    On this menu, you can also select Setup and specify custom velocity values for the pop-up menu.

  • Double-click the Insert Velocity field on the toolbar and enter a velocity value.

  • Assign key commands to Insert Velocity 1-5 and use them.

    This allows you to quickly switch between different velocity values when you enter note events.