About dialogs in the Score Editor

There are two types of dialogs available in the Score Editor:

  • Non-modal dialogs can remain open while you continue working in the score.

    In a non-modal dialog, clicking the Apply button applies the settings in the dialog to the selected objects in the score. This means you can select different elements in the score and change their settings, without having to close the dialog in between.

    The dialog is closed by clicking the standard close button in the window title bar. The Score Settings dialog is an example for a non-modal dialog.

  • Regular dialogs have an OK button instead of an Apply button.

    Clicking OK applies the settings you have made and closes the dialog. You cannot continue working in the score (or select other objects) until you close the dialog.


If the “Apply closes Property Windows” option is activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page), clicking the Apply button in a non-modal dialog closes the dialog. In other words, this makes a non-modal dialog work a bit more like a regular dialog.