Inserting a symbol on one staff


  1. In the Symbols Inspector, open the “Clefs etc.” section.

    This contains clef, key, and time signature symbols.

  2. Select the symbol that you want to insert.

    When you move the mouse over the score display, the pointer takes on the form of a pencil.

  3. Move the mouse over the staff where you want to insert a new symbol.

    Use the Mouse Time Position display in the status line to find the exact location. The Mouse Note Position, i. e. the vertical position is of no relevance as long as you click somewhere in the staff. Time signature changes can only be inserted at the beginning of a bar.

  4. Click the mouse button to insert the symbol.

    Inserting a symbol at position is the same as changing the staff settings which are stored in the track. Inserting anywhere else adds the change to the part.