Multi-rest appearance

The Project page in the Score Settings dialog contains several subpages, on which you can make settings for multi-rests:

  • The subpage “Notation Style” contains the following settings concerning multi-rests:

Multi-Rests – Church Style

If this option is activated, multi-rests are shown in “church style” (vertical bars), rather than with the regular, horizontal symbols.

Multi-Rests – Numbers above Symbol

If this option is activated, the numbers are shown above the multi-rest symbol, instead of below it.

Multi-Rests – Snap Rests moved with the Layout tool

If this option is activated, rests automatically snap to “intelligent” positions in the score (i. e. positions used in regular notation) when moved with the layout tool. If this is deactivated, rests can be positioned freely.

Bar numbers – Show Range with Multi-Rests

If this option is activated, and bar numbers are displayed, the bar numbers of a multi-rest are shown as a range.

  • On the Spacings subpage of the dialog, you can adjust the height and width of multi-rest symbols.

  • On the Font Settings subpage, you can select a font for the multi-rest numbers (select “Multi-Rests” in the “Font For” pop-up menu and make the desired settings).