Working With the MediaBay

When working with many music files, the most important thing is to find the content that you need quickly and easily.

The MediaBay helps you to find and organize your content. After scanning your folders, all media files of the supported formats that have been found are listed in the Results section.

The first thing to do is to set up Locations, that is, folders or directories on your system that contain media files. Usually, files are organized in a specific way on your computer. You might have folders reserved for audio content, folders for special effects, folders for combinations of sounds making up the ambience noise that you need for a certain film take, etc. These can all be set as different Locations in the MediaBay, allowing you to limit the files available in the Results list according to context.

Whenever you expand your computer system, you should save the new volumes as Locations or add them to your existing Locations.

By using the search and filter options, you can narrow down the results.

You can insert the files into your project by using drag & drop, by double-clicking, or by using the context menu options.