Plug-in Manager

The Plug-in Manager provides lists of the effects and VST instruments that are installed on your computer. These lists are used in the selectors for VST instruments and effects.

The Plug-in Manager allows you to do the following:

  • You can view lists of all effects and VST instruments that are loaded by Cubase when you launch the program.

    The lists of all effects or VST instruments are created automatically every time you start Cubase. You can also initiate a rescan at any time. This ensures that these lists are always up-to-date.

  • You can create your own lists of effects or instruments for use in the selectors for effects or instruments. User-defined lists are called collections.

    Collections allow you to create sub-sets of the available effects or instruments, for example, to give you a better overview of the effects used in a project.


    If an installed effect or instrument cannot be loaded by Cubase, it does not appear in the list of all effects or instruments. Also, the effect or instrument is grayed out in any collections in which it is included. For example, this can happen if a copy-protection dongle required to run the effect or instrument is missing, or after uninstalling a plug-in.