Import Options for Tracks from a Project

The Import Options dialog provides information about the tracks that are available for import, and offers several import options.


Allows you to select the tracks that you want to import into your project.


Shows the track types of the available tracks.

Track Name

Shows the track names of the available tracks.


Allows you to select if a track is imported into your active project as a new track, or as a new TrackVersion of an existing track.

  • If a track is imported as a new track, this new track contains all events and mixer settings of the imported track. The following mixer settings are not imported: the channel visibility and zone settings, the record-enable status, the send destination, and the device panel settings. The routing settings are imported only if the active project contains the same routing sources and destinations as the imported track.

  • If a track is imported as a new TrackVersion, this new track version contains all events of the imported track. The mixer settings of your active project are not changed.


Imported track versions must be of the same type as the track in your active project.

To select a track as destination for the imported track, click on the corresponding list entry. A pop-up menu opens, allowing you to select the destination track, to browse through the folders of your active project, to expand or collapse the folder tree, and to search for track names.

Select All

Selects all tracks.

Select None

Deselects all tracks.

Project Settings

Shows the sample rate, the frame rate, and the project start time for both the imported tracks and your active project.


Imported tracks may contain media files with a sample rate that differs from the sample rate of your destination project. Files with a sample rate different from the one that is used in the destination project play back at the wrong speed and pitch.

Copy to Active Project Folder

If this option is activated, the media files of the imported tracks are copied to your active project folder. If this option is deactivated, the media file path of the original project is referenced.

Perform Sample Rate Conversion

If this option is activated, the sample rate of the imported tracks is converted to the sample rate of your active project.


This option is available only if the sample rates of the imported tracks and your active project differ and Copy To Active Project Folder is activated.