Editing Articulations

In the Articulations section, the articulations you added for the sound slots are displayed.

The following settings can be made here:


Clicking in this column opens a context menu, where you can choose whether you want to insert a symbol or a text string. If you select Symbol, the dialog with the available symbols opens. If you select Text, you can directly enter the desired text.


In this column you specify whether you want to add an “Attribute” (which only influences a single note, e. g. an accent) or a “Direction” (which is valid from the insertion position until it is replaced by another articulation, e. g. arco and pizzicato).


Here, you can enter a descriptive text. For example, this can be the name of the symbol (e. g. Accent) or the long name of a direction (e. g. pizz and pizzicato).


This column allows you to specify the group, or importance of the symbol, see below.