Wave 64 Files

Wave 64 is a proprietary format developed by Sonic Foundry Inc. Wave 64 files have the extension .w64.


In terms of audio quality, Wave 64 files are identical to standard Wave files, but in the file headers Wave 64 files use 64-bit values for addressing where Wave files use 32-bit values. The consequence of this is that Wave 64 files can be considerably larger than standard Wave files. Wave 64 is therefore a good file format choice for long recordings, for example, if the file sizes exceeds 2 GB.

  1. Insert Broadcast Wave Chunk

    Activates the embedding of additional file information in Broadcast Wave Format.


    Activating this option creates a Broadcast Wave file. Some applications may not be able to handle Broadcast Wave files. If you get problems using the file in another application, deactivate Insert Broadcast Wave Chunk and export the file again.

  2. Edit

    Opens the Broadcast Wave Chunk dialog where you can enter embedded information.

  3. Insert iXML Chunk

    Includes additional project-related metadata, such as project name, author, and project frame rate.

  4. Insert Tempo Definition

    This option is only available if Insert iXML Chunk is activated. Includes tempo information from the tempo track or from the Definition section of the Sample Editor in the iXML chunk of the exported files.