Setting up Tempo Changes for Projects

If the tempo track is activated, you can set up tempo changes for your project.


If your project is set to tempo track mode and you set up tempo changes, only tracks that are set to musical time base follow the tempo changes.


If you work in tempo track mode, make sure that the display format in the Project window ruler is set to Bars+Beats. Otherwise, you may get confusing results.

If you activate Activate Tempo Track in the Transport panel, the tempo track curve is displayed in the tempo curve display.

If you know the tempo of your music, you can adjust the tempo value as follows:

  • By adding tempo events in the Tempo Track Editor.

  • By recording tempo changes with the Tempo Recording slider on the toolbar of the Tempo Track Editor.

  • By adding tempo events on the tempo track.

  • By importing tempo tracks¬†(Cubase Pro only).

If you do not know the tempo of your music, use one of the following tools to calculate and set it:

  • Tempo Detection Panel¬†(Cubase Pro only)

  • Time Warp tool¬†(Cubase Pro only)

  • Process Bars dialog¬†(Cubase Pro only)

  • Process Tempo dialog¬†(Cubase Pro only)