Project Colors Dialog

The Project Colors dialog allows you to set up a different set of colors for items in the Project window.

  • To open the Project Colors dialog, select the Color tool on the Project window toolbar. Click again to open a pop-up menu and select Project Colors.

Color fields

Click a field to open a color selector pane that allows you to specify a new color.

Click Options for the following options.

Append New Color

Adds a new color button at the bottom of the color list.

Insert New Color before Selection

Adds a new color button above the selected color button.

Remove Selected Color

Removes the selected color.

Reset Selected Color

Resets the selected color to the factory settings.

Increase/Reduce Intensity of all Colors

Increases or reduces the intensity of all colors.

Increase/Reduce Brightness of all Colors

Increases or reduces the brightness of all colors.

Save Current Set as Program Defaults

Saves the current set of colors as default.

Load Program Defaults to Current Set

Applies the default set of colors.

Reset Current Set to Factory Settings

Returns to the standard color palette.