Chord Assistant – Circle of Fifths Mode

The Circle of Fifths mode of the Chord Assistant window shows the chords in an interactive visualization of the circle of fifths.

The origin chord that defines the current key is shown in the center of the Chord Assistant window. The tonic (I) of that key is displayed above the center. The outer circle shows the twelve major chords ordered in intervals of fifths.

The inner circle displays the corresponding parallel minor chords.

The roman numerals mark the chords of the current key with their scale degree. You can use these chords to create typical chord progressions. However, you can also use the other chords for more creative results.

  • To play a chord, click it.

    The last 3 chords that you clicked are shown with a highlighted border.

  • To assign a chord to the next unassigned chord pad, right-click the suggested chord and select Assign to Pad.

    You can also drag the suggested chord and drop it on a chord pad.

  • To assign a suggestion to the next unassigned chord pad and use this chord as origin, right-click the chord and select Assign to Pad and Use as Origin.


The Circle of Fifths is also available in the Chord Assistant window for the chord track.