Adaptive Voicing

In Cubase, the adaptive voicing setting ensures that pitches in chord progressions do not change abruptly.

Adaptive voicing is activated and the voicings of the chord pads are determined automatically according to specific voice leading rules.

If you want to set the voicing of a specific chord pad manually, and do not to want it changed automatically, you can use the voicing control to the right of a chord pad. When you assign your own voicing, adaptive voicing is deactivated for that chord pad, so that the pad does no longer follow the voice leading rules of the voicing reference. To activate adaptive voicing again, right-click the chord pad and activate Adaptive Voicing.

To lock the voicing for a chord pad, you can right-click the pad and activate Lock. This locks this pad for editing and remote control changes, and deactivates Adaptive Voicing. To unlock the chord pad again, right-click the pad and deactivate Lock.